• Comme Papa, a new age of feel good label, making waves in Adult’s and Kids's fashion. Founded and based in Paris, France. Our talented designers imagined a new type of well-being and modern approach to casual luxury.

    Comme Papa has never forgotten its heritage: the brand is a product of the joy and freedom of the spirit of cosmopolitan chic style from Paris. Season after season, Comme Papa promises authenticity, passing on a lasting idea of casual luxury, from father to son and mother to daughter.

    This approach has become a mindset, a new way of seeing the world that favours well-being over artifice as part of a quest for personal meaning.

  • Integrity:

    We do not design, produce or sell anything we wouldn’t wear ourselves, or that doesn’t meet our quality standards. We never jump on fads in order to get sales. We follow our own path.

  • Progression & Reliability

    We strive to be the best versions of ourselves and want the same for our community, constantly looking out for what’s next, we try new things and always improve our offering. Our team is made with smart, authentic and hardworking people that believe in growing.  We seek to meet and exceed expectations. If something goes wrong, we’ll put it right. 

  • Simplicity & Authenticity

    We believe in the beauty of timeless, classic designs that will fit into every lifestyle. Our clothing is designed for comfort, with every day in mind. We are honest and transparent with our community. We are true to what we believe.